Post War Blues — September 26 - March 01
Post War Blues is a community based art installation: the majority of the flowers will be created by people from the surrounding communities and beyond, illustrating t...
2015 BAT Open Studios — September 25 - September 26
2015 BAT Open Studios — September 25 - September 26
The Quarters Project — July 30 - September 05
The Quarter Project is the product of year-long collaboration between artists Samm Cohen and Joseph A. W. Quintela. Working across mediums, the artists have explored c...
Touching in the Underground — July 24 - August 01
The artist Red focuses on creating art through pyrography (wood burning). She feels that her art comes to life in a more organic way when she burns it as opposed to pa...
  • @artsinbushwick this weekend! see chashama's own Danny Licul & Jennie Booth's #OpposableThumbs http://t.co/9ujO7WKmtN http://t.co/nnBTVlNDsL about 1 month ago via Twitter
  • artist Caleb Nussear exhibits in 2 upcoming shows #Land&Sea @Danese/CoreyGallery http://t.co/AtBTpsvitF & #TabulaRasa http://t.co/TA2PIkiNJn about 1 month ago via Twitter
  • RT @nytimes: The Havana Biennial was devoted to artists who were not welcome in European extravaganzas http://t.co/f4tXzIcAVS http://t.co/X… 2 months ago via Twitter
  • AUGUR @ Performance Mix Festival!: http://t.co/DCykk6Sghg 2 months ago via Twitter
  • #ELLEDECOR featured work from chashama artist Christopher Trujillo! Congradulations! #chandelier #sustainable #design http://t.co/YB4cIc8l1m 2 months ago via Twitter
  • chashama's Imaginarium goes to #MLUSA #mysteryland to open minds and change lives?! YES!! http://t.co/UjkQVkyKfU 2 months ago via Twitter
chashama nurtures artists by transforming unused property into work and presentation space.

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